Turn the Tables 2019 – Alacrity Canada Investor Event Recap

Alacrity Canada hosted its inaugural Turn the Tables event earlier this month, welcoming 28 companies and 24 investors on our rooftop patio here in Victoria, BC.

View the full photo album here and read this post to hear how it went.

At Turn the Tables the investors pitched to the entrepreneurs – introducing an interesting spin on investor-company relations, and turning the tables on the traditional pitch process.

Investors shared a brief description of the firm they represented, the deal size they typically look for, their investment thesis, and what they can bring to the table for the companies.

Company CEO’s kept their introductions down to their briefest elevator pitch, and instead spent their time asking investors questions. Moderators at each table kept track of time, making sure no one went over their allotted portion so that everyone had a chance to speak. 

After the formal reception of the evening, guests stayed on and networked into the night, enjoying music from a DJ in one of our rooftop gondolas, amazing food and appetizers from Dak catering, and even rooftop campfires as the sun set over the downtown skyline.

Perhaps what was most exciting to us organizers was the massive pour of emails we received in the days following the event, with entrepreneurs and investors alike writing to ask for introductions or letting us know how fruitful their conversations were.

Head over to our Flickr account to view the full photo album from the evening.

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