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03 Jun: Ontario CleanTech Climate Action Plan

Earlier this week, Alacrity had the pleasure of hosting Pat White from L-Spark in Ottawa.  L-Spark, an Alacrity Partner, is a…

01 Jun: Trade Secrets, Patents and the Defend Trade Secrets Act

The Defend Trade Secrets Act (DTSA) was recently signed into law by President Obama. The Act is an update and…

01 Jun: Social Initiatives – Community Responsibility – Power to Be

In the first part of this article on Social Initiatives, we highlighted how people usually don’t think or recognize disabilities…

31 May: Socially Responsible Initiatives – Getting Involved

We recently discussed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from the perspective of an entrepreneur, and highlighted how some businesses products are…

26 May: Mergers: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Part I: Seizing Opportunities Starting a company is a daunting task. No one is prepared for the challenges they will…

20 May: Vancouver’s Sustainable IT / CleanTech Cluster

Vancouver has a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem, and Vancouver’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is especially strong when it comes to sustainable technology or…

11 May: Insights from Social Media Camp 2016

Social Media Camp (SMC) is Canada’s largest social media conference. The 2016 edition came to an end last weekend here…

10 May: Ronin8 Joins Alacrity Investor Readiness Program

We’re pleased to announce that Ronin8, based in Vancouver, BC, is the latest company to join Alacrity’s Investor Readiness Program…

06 May: Congratulations to the 2016 Craigdarroch Research Award Winners!

The Craigdarroch Research Awards took place on May 5th 2016 at the University of Victoria. The awards celebrate research excellence…

06 May: Steroid Era of Startups – A Commentary

Business Insider published an interesting article “The Steroid Era of Startups is Over” overnight, the subtext of which is what…

05 May: Social Media Camp 2016

Canada’s largest social media conference, Social Media Camp kicks off in Victoria BC today!  Congratulations to Paul Holmes, Chris Burdge,…

04 May: Socially Responsible – Unexpected Results

Being socially responsible doesn’t mean paying lip-service to problems. It means caring enough to try to help lessen a problem….

03 May: Socially Responsible Ventures – Choosing Right

Socially Responsible – Choosing Right If an entrepreneur approaches me about their business and points to ‘awards won’ I lose…

26 Apr: Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility should be a key foundation of the corporate culture of your organization. It definitely is to the…

22 Apr: Opportunities in Post-Sanction Era Iran

Iran is open for business and the opportunities in the Iranian market are worth exploring. The Demographics of Iran Iran…

19 Apr: 10 Steps to Increasing Digital Security

As the Internet of Things slowly infiltrates into every aspect of our daily lives, securing our digital life needs to…

13 Apr: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Speaking, Part II

For the details from first half of this “Top 10+” list about speaking and presenting, read through yesterday’s post. #12….

12 Apr: Common Mistakes to Avoid When Speaking

Public Speaking is hard.   Last week we featured a guest post from Gord McDougall about pitching your company.  This…

07 Apr: Choosing the Right Financing: Part I, Financing Characteristics

What type of financing should entrepreneurs use? The answer, of course, is “it depends”. The right choice is contingent upon the…

29 Mar: The Impact of the 2016 Federal Budget on Canada’s Tech Sector

The Canadian Federal government budget for 2016 was recently released. In it, the Liberals plan to dedicate resources to innovative…