Agricultural Technology (Agrotech)

AgrOtech solutions

Agricultural technology, also known as agritech or agrotech, combines clean technologies with food production. Opportunities in this cleantech sector deal with improving agricultural yields, efficiencies in operations, and profits.

As the global population keeps climbing and climate change continues to impact food production, ensuring that everyone around the world has enough nutritious food to eat is another significant area of concern. By improving crop production and efficiency in farming operations, more food gets produced, without also increasing waste or emissions rates. Using biological processes to improve or manage industrial operations is another way of applying technology to agricultural activities.

From agriculture to horticulture to aquaculture, agrotech helps increase food production or solves the problem of growing food in challenging environments and conditions. It can also facilitate better, more efficient use of existing facilities and processes to ensure optimal performance. Cleantech opportunities in this sector include sensor, drone, and hydroponics technology, weather forecasting and monitoring, light, heat, and automated irrigation systems, pest and soil management, and advances in biotechnology.

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