Marine and Ocean Technologies

Marine and ocean technologies

Clean technologies in the marine and ocean sectors help us to better understand the complexities of our oceans and waterways. Whether measuring and managing human impact or assessing environmental situations, gathering accurate data and improving established processes is necessary.

There is so much that we don’t know about the oceans and the impact that human activity has had on them, although efforts to gather more data have increased as technology has improved. Still, there are a number of issues with data collection and analysis including dependence on weather conditions, high operational costs, and inadequately durable equipment.

Cleantech companies in the marine and ocean field have developed new ways to source, gather, and analyze data. Through access to better manufacturing materials and more advanced sensor technologies, autonomous vehicles can be sent to collect information and data collected can be relayed in real time to enable more accurate decision-making. Data can then be aggregated and analyzed to produce modelling and forecasting that helps monitor climate change, environmental damage, and other issues. Some solutions provide tools for improved monitoring and enforcing  of regulations with regard to fishing, shipping, and other activities impacting marine ecosystems.

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