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We’re proud of our

Alacrity Cleantech Portfolio

Our clean technology program helps companies get access to the support they need to scale up their operations.

Leaning on an international network of advisors, mentors, and local in-market experts, we connect entrepreneurs in the cleantech space with opportunities and resources to prove, scale, and expand their innovative solutions.

Find out more about the companies currently participating in the Alacrity Cleantech Initiative below.

Cleantech Program

Pani Energy

Pani Energy is a technology company based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Pani develops artificial intelligence technologies for data management and operations at water treatment and desalination plants.


QuantoTech Solutions Ltd. is an engineering service company that designs and manufactures energy-efficient and environment-friendly LED lighting and grow systems.


Ocion specializes in water solutions for agricultural, industrial, and recreational purposes to protect against algae, bacteria, and other undesirable microbes.


Boydel Wastewater Technologies is a wastewater treatment and water miner technology company focused on sludge treatment plants and electrocoagulation with advanced oxidation.

Lambda Science

Lambda Science addresses data and communication gaps in the small residential construction sector by leveraging data collected from modern designs and state-of-the-art technologies to provide occupant comfort and increased energy efficiency within construction budgets.


Swirltex builds custom waste water treatment systems for a wide range of applications. Their technology’s unique membrane system separates solids and liquids based on buoyancy, allowing for higher production rates and higher quality effluent.

Muddy River

Muddy River Technologies is a Canadian company located in Delta, British Columbia. Muddy Tech creates simple systems to treat sophisticated water and wastewater problems.


Audette is focused on energy management professionals who need to continuously improve energy efficiency. The company has developed a web application that effectively identifies conservation opportunities for carbon emissions reduction.

AVA Technologies

AVA’s mission is to help anyone grow anything, anywhere. With an AVA-powered smart indoor garden in every home, we aim to shift society’s preference away from cheap, mass agriculture to more local, nutritious and sustainable options right from the comfort of home.

Digital Solar Heat

Digital Solar Heat provides solar energy for heating homes, thermal storage, hot water, and processing of seasonal solar and carbon offsetting thermal energy.


MarineLabs brings certainty to maritime operations and coastal projects using real-time data from fleets of compact, rugged, ocean sensors.

First Light Technologies

First Light Technologies designs and manufactures commercial grade, self-contained solar powered lights. The company is dedicated to driving the potential of solar lighting by constantly delivering better and simpler solutions.

Hydrogen In Motion

Hydrogen in Motion is leading a breakthrough in solid state hydrogen storage nanomaterial. This capability will redefine how hydrogen fuel technologies can be applied and will simplify its logistical applications.


Plugzio is a North American company providing affordable, simple, scalable electric mobility charging networks. Plugzio’s electricity access control platform gives any property the ability to monitor, manage, and monetize access to electricity.

Arterran Renewables

Arterran is a world-class advanced renewable solid fuel company involved in clean technology and other renewable energy solutions made from biomass renewable carbon. Their process results in a solid biofuel that has an increased energy density and better handling characteristics, reducing operating costs.

Ocean Diagnostics

Ocean Diagnostics builds reliable, mobile, industry-standard sensors, sampling instruments, and analytical services to help understand the true impact of plastic pollution on the environment and human health.

Accumulated Ocean Energy (AOE)

AOE has developed patented technology to capture the unlimited power of natural ocean swells and waves to convert this energy into usable “green energy.”

Open Ocean Robotics

Open Ocean Robotics constructs wind and solar-powered autonomous boats that provide real-time information to help protect our oceans.

Cellula Robotics

Cellula is an engineering solution and intelligent system specialized in turnkey design and production of sub-sea robotic systems. These engineering solutions are used in geotechnical and geophysical applications around the world.

Ocean Floor Geophysics (OFG)

Ocean Floor Geophysics provides high quality geophysics data acquisition, analysis, and exploration services for sea floor exploration and characterization.

Origen Air

Origen Air is the only clean tech company with genetically modified plants that are engineered to remove toxins and restore indoor air quality for improved human health, productivity, and energy efficiency.

Microgreen Solar

Microgreen Solar designs and manufactures sustainable energy products for off-grid homes, cottages, vehicles, and boats. Their solutions deliver cost-savings and greening for individuals, communities, and telecoms networks.