About Our Cleantech Program

The Alacrity Canada Clean technology Initiative

Our Cleantech Initiative focuses on building relationships between clean technology companies, international clients and investors, and Governments At all levels.

The Alacrity Canada Cleantech Program finds new qualified opportunities for promising clean technology companies.

With an established network of advisors, mentors, and business experts in numerous global markets, we identify problems that can be solved by innovative cleantech companies based in BC or western Canada. We then help these companies access the resources needed to deploy their solutions in the target market(s). Often tackling large-scale foreign infrastructure projects, our seasoned team supports companies in navigating customer acquisition, building new revenue streams, accessing investments, and developing their marketing and business models.

The program’s aim is to help these companies commercialize their products or services, scale them up to achieve export sales in target markets, and get them ready for investment opportunities. We use the lessons gathered from working closely with cleantech companies, industry experts, and governmental bodies to provide feedback and guidance in an effort to continuously improve the relationships between these key contributors to the sector.

If you’re interested in our work in the clean technology sector, reach out to us at cleantech@alacritycanada.com!
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