Cleantech Advisory Committee


The Cleantech Advisory Committee consists of individuals with unique knowledge and skills in the clean technology space in British Columbia. These individuals meet on a regular basis to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing cleantech companies in BC, with discussions resulting in proposed improvements for both the Alacrity BC Cleantech Initiative, as well as the sector overall.

Cleantech Advisory Committee Members

With representatives ranging from industry experts and advisors, to government representatives and cleantech CEOs, the Advisory Committee is an especially apt channel for communication between stakeholders in the cleantech space.

cec primeau
Cec Primeau

Cec (pronounced Seece) Primeau is a Senior Advisor with Alacrity Canada. He is a results-driven Senior Executive and Business Strategist who balances a unique combination of Corporate Leadership, Financial Management, and Information Technology skills with a proven ability to leverage core business strengths to create value, while evolving early stage companies into profit generating market leaders.

Cec is recognized as an early adopter of Internet technologies and a highly strategic thinker who thrives on the opportunity to assist organizations to implement best practices, maximize returns, and maintain a competitive advantage.

ana fong-marquez
Ana Fong-Marquez
Committee Member

Ana Fong-Marquez is Senior Innovation Advisor at Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED). With a Master’s Degree in Audit and Accounting, Ana’s professional background adds value through cross-functional leadership, showcased by building programs and processes across teams and initiatives utilizing a broad range of business skills and tools. Ana also has a strong background in Finance, Corporate Education, Program Design & Management, and Business Analysis.

elizabeth johnston
Elizabeth Johnston
Committee Member

Elizabeth Johnston is Manager of Trade Services at the Ministry of Jobs, Trade & Technology, International Trade Division. She is a senior business development, marketing, and communications leader who works with business leaders to create and deliver go-to-market strategies and competitive growth strategies for expansion into new domestic and international markets.

rick cox
Rick Cox
Committee Member

Rick Cox is President of OCION Water Sciences, a privately held BC-based company that develops, manufactures, and markets environmentally responsible mineral-based products internationally. The company manufactures non-chlorine bacteriostatic algaecides for treatment of agricultural, recreational, industrial and municipal water supplies.

sean bourquin
Sean Bourquin
Committee Member

Sean Bourquin is CEO of First Light Technologies. First Light Technologies is a specialized designer and manufacturer of architectural quality, self-contained solar powered, LED lighting products. The success of FLT emerges from an extensive solar power system and LED lighting experience and a vision to make solar lighting effective and simple. As a result, First Light Technologies’ products are intelligent, adaptive, efficient and robust; while offering a cost effective and sustainable alternative.

craig thomson
Craig Thomson
Committee Member

Craig Thomson is COO of Pani Energy. Pani Energy is helping to solve the world’s fresh water shortage crisis by using AI and machine learning, in conjunction with applied research in fundamental water science, to optimize how water is treated and processed. Pani collects real-time and operator data from water treatment and desalination plants, compares it against their own plant models and digital twins, and provides holistic recommendations to operators on how to optimize operations to reduce OPEX, increase equipment lifespan and increase plant reliability. Over the past 17 years, Craig has founded, led and/or advised in the successful exits of 7 technology companies for a total of more than $4.0B.

julie angus
Julie Angus
Committee Member

Julie Angus is CEO of Open Ocean Robotics. Open Ocean Robotics develops autonomous energy-harvesting boats to collect information from our oceans and instantly relay it. The company’s goal is to protect our oceans, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and build an Internet of Things for the ocean. Julie is also a keynote speaker and author. National Geographic gave her the Adventurer of the Year Award and she’s also a Canadian Geographic Fellow. She has an M.Sc. in Molecular Biology and has worked in both research and business development in the healthcare field.

mohammad akhlaghi
Mohammad Akhlaghi
Committee Member

Mohammad Akhlaghi is CEO of Plugzio, accelerating the adoption of electric modes of transportation by creating the path of least resistance when it comes to charging. Mohammad is also a Serial Entrepreneur who has received numerous awards during his professional career, including being recognized as one of Top 30 Under 30 in BC Business and winning the “Most Innovative Startup of BC” award.