The Alacrity Clean technology Mission

Alacrity Canada supports the scale-up of cleantech companies in british columbia.

The Alacrity team’s mission is to help clean technology companies in BC scale to drive export revenue and growth capital from select foreign markets. These markets are identified through an established network of global industry leaders and opportunities are discovered based on active demand.

Our team of mentors, advisors, and marketing experts work closely with companies in the cleantech space, ensuring they are ready to apply their innovative solutions to tackle some of the world’s most critical problems. From energy efficiency to water treatment to recycling and emission control, we pair companies with the right opportunities and help them access the investment they need to make a difference on a global scale.

If you’re interested in our work in the clean technology sector, reach out to us at cleantech@alacritycanada.com! You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn or sign up for our newsletter to stay connected.