Program Offering

The Alacrity clean technology program

The BC cleantech initiative offers entrepreneurs in the clean technology sector access to the knowledge and resources needed to successfully enter the global marketplace.

The Alacrity BC Cleantech Initiative focuses on identifying opportunities in foreign markets that can be solved by innovative solutions developed in British Columbia. The program offers clean technology companies access to the support, advice, and resources needed to successfully develop and deploy their product or service.

With an extensive network of global relations in India, Mexico, Asia, Northern Europe, and other key foreign markets, Alacrity’s regional representatives are able to assist BC’s cleantech companies in expanding their business internationally. Our physical presence in target markets provides invaluable insight into the working culture and environment, helping entrepreneurs navigate how to effectively interact with local investors, government officials, and industry partners.

The program also supports cleantech companies with marketing packages and assistance in attracting both customer and investor interest. Through consultations with senior Alacrity advisors and marketing professionals, we are able to help entrepreneurs tell their story in a way that also sells their innovation. We will work with the team to review the company’s online presence and develop an in-market plan, conduct due diligence, negotiate deals, and consult on investment, financing, and government funding options.

The BC Cleantech Initiative is seeking motivated clean technology entrepreneurs with inventive solutions to join the program. We offer our experience, knowledge, and support to help cleantech companies solve some of the world’s biggest sustainability challenges.

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