WHAT IS Open Ocean Robotics?

Open Ocean Robotics develops autonomous energy-harvesting boats that collect ocean data to improve our knowledge about the oceans and increase safety in marine operations. The gathered data can be used by clients in a variety of ways ranging from improving the efficiency of watercrafts navigating Earth’s oceans to monitoring and protecting ocean areas by detecting oil spills and dumping, monitoring for illegal fishing activities, and facilitating wildlife conservation efforts.

What does Open Ocean Robotics do?

Open Ocean Robotics works to help humans better understand, manage, and protect the seas by collecting data and making more effective use of the information gathered. OOR helps watercrafts of all types navigate the ocean more efficiently, reducing greenhouse gas emissions from traditional manned boats as a result. The company’s unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs) can operate sustainably using solar power, working to identify the impacts of climate change on the oceans and the wildlife and communities that rely on them. Information can be collected and transmitted without the need for dangerous manned expeditions on GHG-emitting vessels.

Open Ocean Robotics can help its users:

  • conduct marine operations or expeditions using unmanned autonomous vehicles
  • gain a better understanding by turning gathered data into actionable insights through the Internet of Things (IoT) for the ocean
  • reduce their environmental impact by using 100% renewable energy to power the vessels, meaning no GHG emissions, no noise pollution to harm wildlife, and no risk of oil spills
  • monitor marine environments for wildlife activity
  • protect areas from illegal fishing and polluting
  • monitor changes to critical areas like the Arctic to assess the rate of climate change progression
Why does Open Ocean Robotics do what they do?

Founded by two ocean-loving adventurers, OOR takes inspiration from the fact that there is still so much to learn about oceanic activity and how humans impact the planet’s largest bodies of water. The company aims to improve the availability of quality, real-time ocean-related data and to contribute to our understanding of how climate change is affecting our oceans. By facilitating knowledge-gathering related to Earth’s oceans, Open Ocean Robotics hopes to help governments and private actors make more ocean-conscious decisions.

Where is Open Ocean Robotics?

Open Ocean Robotics is based in Victoria, BC. The company works with clients in North America and aims to expand their offering globally.

Open Ocean Robotics’ Customers

Open Ocean Robotics works with public and private clients, businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to gain a better understanding of how ocean conditions impact their operations and, in turn, how their operations impact the oceans. Applications for OOR’s vessels can be found in defense, conservation, research, and other marine-focused sectors.