Sludge Stabilization in Anaerobic Digesters of Wastewater Treatment Plants – Mexico

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In the process of sludge stabilization in anaerobic digesters at wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), biogas is generated which can be used to produce electricity for self-consumption, for heating the digesters (combined heat and power system), and for other uses. Additionally, the biosolid (stabilized sludge) produced must meet quality standards to be type C sludge, according to the NOM-004-SEMARNAT-2002 standard (SEMARNAT 2002), which is suitable for application in forests, soil enhancement, and agriculture, and therefore could be reused.

Solution for Sludge Stabilization at WWTPs

Looking for BC companies that can propose a sludge stabilization process that can generate electricity and/or sludge suitable for applications in forestry and agriculture, and water for reuse purposes.

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